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## Headline 2
### Headline 3

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[link text](

> Quote text
***Johnny Author***

![image alt text](image url)
***Image caption, description***

Horizontal rule

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`var name = "John Doe";`

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``` codelanguage
function foo() {
  return bar;

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- item 1
- item 2
- item 3

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1. item 1
2. item 2
3. item 3

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Kiosk Mode Eloading Vendo - Bluetooth Setup

by Dange Cris Bejoc

If you are looking for the LCD & Keypad setup, visit

Kiosk Mode

Materials Needed

Step 1: Flash The Arduino

  • Download the arduino Hex File
  • Connect the Arduino to the PC using its USB chord
  • Inside the zip file you just downloaded, locate and run Xloader.exe
  • In the XLoader window (Hex file) field, choose any of the hex files (If the upload failed, try the other hex)
  • Choose the correct COM Port (here's how to identify com port)
  • Click upload

Step 2: Connect all the components

Wiring Diagram

Arduino PIN Outputs
- PIN 12 & PIN 13 - LOW when paying mode, else HIGH
- Analog PIN A4 - LOW when phone battery is at <= 20% and HIGH when >= 80%
- Analog PIN A5 - HIGH when paying mode, else LOW
  1. Power Adaptor 12V DC (red wire) – Coin Acceptor DC
  2. Power Adaptor GND – Coin Acceptor GND
  3. Power Adaptor DC Jack – Arduino DC Jack Input
  4. Bluetooth Module GND – Arduino GND
  5. Bluetooth Module VCC – Arduino 5V
  6. Bluetooth Module TX – Arduino RX
  7. Bluetooth Module RX – Arduino TX
  8. Coin Acceptor Coin line – Arduino Digital Pin 3
  9. Coin Acceptor Coin line (white wire) – 10k resistor + Arduino 5V (optional)
  10. Bill Acceptor Pulse (white wire) – Arduino Pin 2 (optional)
  11. Bill Acceptor Inhibit Wire – Arduino Pin 13(optional)
  12. Coin Acceptor Inhibit Pin (Top) – Arduino Analog PIN A5

Bill Acceptor Add-on Guide

Use the same power source connection with the Coin Acceptor.
Connect the pulse wire to the Digital PIN 2 and tap 5V with 10k ohms resistor (same concept w/ coin acceptor). Use the 5V connected with the Bluetooth module VCC (15)
Connect the bill acceptor’s inhibit pins to Arduino Digital Pin 13

Bill Aceptor’s supported pulses are
- 20 bill - 2 pulses
- 50 bill – 5 pulses
- 100 bill – 10 pulses
- 200 bill – 20 pulses
- 500 bill– 50 pulses
- 1000 bill - 100 pulses)

Step 3: Android App Setup

  • Insert SIM card (any network) to your Android tablet
    Note: (Our gateways are SMART, so your sim should be able to send sms to smart)

  • Download and install the Android App

  • Set the tablet's lock screen to none (to prevent the lockscreen from blocking the app's autostart)

  • Turn on the Arduino

  • Open the Android App and follow the step by step setup (make sure you make it as the default SMS App)

  • Set the Fox-Eloader app as the default home/launcher to make it open automatically on start

  • Click on the app's menu and tap Connect to machine

  • The Machine should show up in the list (usually named HC-05), just tap it. Input the default password (1234) when prompted.

  • Wait until the machine is connected.

  • Open the menu again, and tap Activate App then input the activation code you purchased.

    If you want to avail the free trial, just leave the activation form blank and click submit. Then purchase load credits from us minimum of 100. Free trial ends after 5 successful load purchases.

  • Wait for the success message popup.
    If takes long, probably your sim doesn't have a load for texting. Re-load and resubmit the form.

Step 4: App Security

This is to make sure that the app can't be closed or exited by someone other than the owner

You have 2 options try what works for you:

Option 1: Set device owner
adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.dafox.eloading/com.aar
Option 2: Root android using KingRoot

Step 5: Final step, enable App Kiosk Mode

  • Open Fox-Eloader app and click Kiosk Mode in the menu

To auto-boot tablet and make it as plug-n-play, find a way to make the power button being pressed all the time.

Kiosk E-loading Vendo - Wired Setup

Using usb otg for our eloading vendo setup

by Dange Cris Bejoc

LCD & Keypad Eloading Vendo - Installation Guide

by Dange Cris Bejoc