Step-by-step guide on how you can delete the Eload transaction records in the machine Logs in your Dafoxtech Eloading Vending Machines. This is done so that you can free up some memory from unnecessary records.

1.   Disable kiosk mode (if the kiosk mode is enabled).
Different ways that you can disable the Kiosk Mode:

  • To disable kiosk-mode, you can send the command “DISABLE KIOSK-MODE” text to the MACHINE from the TRUSTED NUMBER.

Trusted number (this is where the loadwallet is linked) – 09123456789
Machine Number(this the simcard that is in the machine) – 09012345678
send a message “DISABLE KIOSK-MODE” from 09123456789 to 09012345678

  • Press the power button twice and then volume + button once
  • Sending “DISABLE KIOSK-MODE” command in online portal.

2.   Long press the transaction that you want to delete.

3.   Then, click “delete icon”.

Please open or download the PDF guide below and follow the instructions carefully.

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