The FOX ELOADING BIILS PAYMENT feature is finally here! With the release of the newest version 41.0.0, BILLS PAYMENT and other changes are added to the FOX ELOADING APP.

But before we can update the FOX ELOADING APP, we need to set up the ADB on the tablet in your machine. This is a prerequisite before we can update the app to version 41.0.0.

NOTE: Make sure that you have already installed the app before setting up the ADB.

If the app is already installed, proceed down below. If not yet, you can install the app from this link:

What we need to do:

  1. Setup ADB.
  2. Update FOX ELOADING APP to version 41.0.0.
  3. Activate BILLS PAYMENT feature on online portal.

Things to prepare:

  2. USB cable.
  3. Laptop/PC.
  4. Stable internet connection.


  1. Open this link on your pc –
  2. Scroll down and download “Android Platform Tools ZIP Files for Windows
  3. Scroll down and download “Android Platform Tools ZIP Files for Windows
  4. Connect your tablet to your computer with a USB cable. Change the USB mode to “file transfer (MTP)” mode. 
  5. Enable ‘Developer Mode‘ on your tablet and turn on ‘USB Debugging‘ (NOTE: the process of enabling ‘Developer Mode‘ may vary slightly depending on the brand, but it generally follows the same steps.)
  6. Click Windows Search icon and type ‘cmd’ to open Command Prompt
  7. Type ‘cd‘ and press Space Bar. (DO NOT press Enter yet.)
  8. Open the unzipped folder, find the ‘platform-tools‘ folder, drag and drop it into the Command Prompt, then press Enter.
  9. Copy & Paste ‘adb.exe devices‘ to Command Prompt, then press Enter.
  10. Copy & Paste:
    adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.dafox.eloading/com._d.eloading.FoxDeviceAdminReceiver’ then press Enter.

Here is a more detailed instruction on how to set up ADB:

Once all these are done, we can now proceed to update your FOX ELOADING APP to version 41.0.0.


  1. Close the KIOSK MODE on the tablet.

    How to close KIOSK MODE?

    Press the power button 2 times and then the volume up button 1 time.
    ( Make sure po na magblack screen sa first press ng power button tapos mag-on ulit ang screen sa seconds press tapos tsaka palang ipress ang volume button)
  2. Click the 3 dots in the upper-right and go to CONNECTION SETTINGS then choose INTERNET.
  3. Connect the tablet to the internet.
  4. Next, click the 3 dots again and scroll down then click DOWNLOAD UPDATE.
  5. Wait for the download to be completed. After that, click the file and install it.
  6. Wait for the installation to be completed and then tap open.
  7. Click the 3 dots on the upper right screen and choose KIOSK MODE.
  8. You have two options for the theme:
    CLASSIC and MODERN. Choose whatever is your preference.
  9. FOX ELOADING APP is now successfully updated.

Note: You can also choose to download the app and manually install it. You can download the app from this link:


You can update the BILLS PAYMENT feature for 1000 PHP( this price may change in the future). Bills payment uses the ECASH BALANCE to process any BILLS PAYMENT transaction.

  1. Login to your online portal account using your trusted number at:
  2. Open the MENU by clicking the 3 lines on the upper left side of your account and go to LICENSES and ELOADERS.
  3. Scroll to the right and look for the yellow SERVICE button and click it.
  4. Click the dropdown menu by clicking the small “⌄” and choose the BILLS PAYMENT.
  5. Make your payment using GCASH or MAYA.
  6. BILLS PAYMENT feature is now ACTIVATED and you can start configuring the prices under BILL FEES in the MENU on your online portal account.

For inquiries, you can send us a message at:

Technical Support:

Sales Support:

Thank you.


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