1. Let the old sim card inserted into your machine as is and then revoke activation code in you online dashboard.

2. Deactivate Fox Eloader App

  • In your machine’s android tablet/phone, exit or disable Kiosk MODE
  • The revoke process in step 1 will automatically diactivate the app. But if it didn’t, you need to clear the Fox eloader app cache to deactivate it. Here’s a demo on how to clear cache android app https://youtu.be/FTfp2Uy369I?t=71

3. Get the activation code (the one revoked from step 1) and reactivate it on the Fox Eloader app

  • Insert the new sim card into your android tablet
  • Activate the App

Here’s a demo on how to activate Fox Eloader App https://youtu.be/D2Tulr-9K0w

You can also download this PDF guide for future references.

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