Ano po ba ang Trusted number?

Ang Trusted number po ang magiging master number ng machine. Trusted number din po ang magiging wallet ID and syang maging reference if mag pa replenish/reload kayo ng wallet. Ito din po ang gagamitin if e-disable nyo ang Kiosk mode ng machine gamit ang text command na “DISABLE KIOSK-MODE”. Ito din po ang gagamitin if e-access nyo ang online monitoring dashboard nyo May mga other supported sms commands din po na pwedi e-send ng trusted number to the machine number to do some automated tasks, please check these Commands

Now, lets start:

1. E-exit or disable ang Kiosk mode

  • Press the power button twice and then the volume + button once (for updated app) or send sms command “DISABLE KIOSK-MODE”
  • If prompted for PIN, e-enter ang PIN “4321” or “1234” or “0000”

2. E-set ang Trusted Number

  • Open Menu sa top-right ng screen (3-dots)
  • Select or tap “Remote Commands” or “Set Trusted Number”
  • E-enter ang iyong personal number to be used as Trusted Number

3. E-set ang Connection Setting to SMS (Globe Shortcode)

  • Open Menu sa top-right ng screen (3-dots)
  • Select or tap “Connection Setting”
  • Select SMS (Globe Short code)

4. E-enable Kiosk Mode for normal operation

  • Open Menu sa top-right ng screen (3-dots)
  • Select or tap “Enable Kiosk-mode”

5. Mag topup/replenish ng wallet

  • E-access ang online portal
  • Punta sa replenishment page
  • Piliin ang iyong preferred payment method
    We encourage you to use Gcash Instant Cash-in. Mag send lang ng Gcash payment to our available gcash numbers. And sa message field ng Gcash, lagyan lang ng syntax: DEPOSIT TrustedNumber.
    Example: DEPOSIT 09222222345
    And automatic na papasok sa eload wallet nyo ang amount na tinransfer nyo.

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