Android version 21 and latest

For app installation follow this: App installation Steps

  1. Prepare Android Tab for Kiosk Eloading (Android lollipop or version 21 up to latest).
    Prepare windows 10 PC.
    Make sure that your tab is freshly reset and has no Google account linked.
  2. Install ADB
    Please follow instructions here:
    Extract platform-tools to C:\platform-tools
  3. Open CMD or command prompt
    Run command:

    cd C:\platform-tools
  4. Download dafox eloader APK (skip this step if may nka install ng eloader app sa tab)
  5. Insert Android Tab to PC.
    Make sure that developer mode and USB debugging are enabled.
    (Refer to this video on how to enable developer mode:
    Check if Android device is detected.
    Run command:

    adb.exe devices
  6. Run command “adb.exe install PATH_TO_APK” (skip this step if may nka install ng eloader app sa tab)

    adb.exe install C:\Users\Default\Downloads\com.dafox.eloader.apk

    Wait for the Success message
  7. Run the following commands:
    adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.dafox.eloading/com._d.eloading.FoxDeviceAdminReceiver

    adb shell appops set android TOAST_WINDOW deny
  8. On your android tab settings, set home launcher to fox eloader. Open fox eloader app and on the app’s top-right menu tap “Kiosk mode”.
  9. Make sure that the fox eloader app cannot be close while on Kiosk mode (except if “exit kiosk mode” button is clicked or tapped).


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