Manual Replenishment via DafoxTech Online Portal

1.) Visit and log in using your trusted phone number.
2.) At the left side, click “TopUp Load Wallet” if you wish to replenish your LOAD WALLET and “TopUp Gcash Wallet” if you wish to replenish your GCASH WALLET.

3.) Under the respective “TopUp Options”, choose the account where you want to send or deposit your payment. We accept BANK and GCASH account deposits. Just make sure to screenshot or picture the receipt of your payment.

4.) Once the payment is done, go to the lower part of the “Payment Options” section and click the “choose files” button and attach your payment/deposit receipt.

5.) Input the amount of the deposit and then click “Submit” button.

6.) Once you have submitted your request, it will be displayed under “Logs” just beside the “TopUp Wallet” section.

Note: The status is automatically marked as “pending” once the request has been successfully submitted and is being processed and it will updated to “approved” once the request has been approved by our Fox Eloading Admin. You are also given an option to cancel your replenishment, just click the “Cancel” button at the right side.

Manual Replenishment via Fox Eloading Messenger Responder

1.) Send your payment to any of our Fox E-loading Bank and GCASH Accounts. You can view our available bank and Gcash accounts in DafoxTech Online Portal -> TopUp Wallet -> Payment Options Note: Make sure to screenshot or save the payment receipt.
2.) Once you have sent the payment, go to -> or simply search Fox Eloading on FB Messenger.
3.) Once you are inside Fox E-loading messenger, type in the command:

Note: We have 2 different wallets in Fox Eloading – the Load Wallet and GCASH Wallet.
Load Wallet – wallet that will be used for load requests.
GCASH Wallet – wallet that will be used for GCASH CASH-IN requests.

For Load Wallet Replenishment: deposit <space> trusted_number <space> amount. Please see photo below.

For GCASH Wallet Replenishment: GWDeposit <space> trusted_number <space> amount.

4.) Attached the your payment receipt.
5.) Once you have attached the payment receipt, our fox e-loading messenger responder will reply indicating that your request is being processed.
6.) Once approved, you will receive a respond that your wallet request has been approved. You will also see the amount added to your load wallet and the updated load wallet balance of your account.

Note 1: Once your replenishment has been approved, check your new wallet balance to ensure that the appropriate amount has been successfully credited to your account.

Note 2: Wallet Replenishment requests are usually processed within 30 mins to 1 hr. upon submission.

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